Riverside Guest House (Seoul, South Korea)

All opinions on this page are our own.

Travel date: July 2016

We found this lovely guesthouse to stay for our first night in South Korea. We chose this guesthouse for its proximity to many attractions in Seoul and to the main bus station (Gangbyeon Bus Terminal) which is directly accessible from Incheon Airport via a limousine bus.

Once we arrived at the bus terminal, Chris came by to pick us up in his van. There was enough space for our big suitcases and all our backpacks. If you don’t have a lot to carry, the guesthouse is about a 5 minute walk from the bus terminal/subway station (they’re both in the same corner).

The first thing we noticed was how clean and new everything was. Ms. Kang, the owner, mentioned that the place had just opened a few months ago. It seemed like the whole place was renovated before she opened. The guesthouse is in a 3-storey building, with the guesthouse being on the 2nd and the 3rd floor.


The second floor is the common area plus the two single rooms (“Hana” and “Dul”). Here you have access to a computer, a printer, and lots of tourist info. Ms. Kang also does some cool pottery and they are displayed here.

The third floor is the private suite for two people (“Set”) plus the rooftop balcony. We grabbed a few beers on our way home that evening and enjoyed them with a nice view of a Seoul neighbourhood. The wifi was strong everywhere in the building.

Our third floor room wasn’t huge but enough for the two of us. There are two single beds and a brand new AC (definitely needed that!). The bathroom looked brand new and there was also a small kitchen area with a fridge.

After we unpacked and settled down, Ms. Kang invited us down for some snacks and cold drinks in the kitchen on the 2nd floor. We also got to look at the breakfast menu and choose what we wanted the next morning.


Then, Ms. Kang and Chris suggested some tourist spots we could visit. The guesthouse is really right in the centre of Seoul with easy access to Subway, so nothing was really far. We ended up going to Seoul Tower/Namsan that evening. It was only about a 20 minute subway ride.

The next morning, with our breakfast, Ms. Kang served us traditional Korean tea. Before we left, Ms. Kang gave us some great souvenirs to take with us. If we had extra time, we could have made these traditional Korean wallets with her, but we were getting picked up early.


She also suggested to us a great Han River park near by where we enjoyed another great view of Seoul. It was about a 10 minute walk away.


We recommend this guesthouse to anyone who is looking to tour around Seoul and experience how generous and gracious Korean hosts are.

Website: www.riversidekorea.com

Price: ₩40,000 – ₩50,000 per night (~$40 CAD/US)

Address: 702-4 Ttuckseomro, Gwangjin-gu

Nearest subway station: Gu-ui Station, Gangbyeon Station (Line 2)

Want to book through AirBnb? Here are the links to the different rooms.

Room for two or more “Set

Rooms for one or two “Hana” and “Dul

Want a $40 discount for your first AirBnb stay? Click HERE!




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