Palace Resorts (Cancun area, Mexico)

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While we were staying at Sun Palace for our wedding, we had the opportunity to visit the other three Palace resorts in the area. Here is just a quick review of each! Click here if you want to see our detailed review of Sun Palace.

Moon Palace

We initially planned to have our wedding here, but decided last minute to change to Sun Palace. It took about 15 minutes on the hotel Shuttle from Sun Palace. When we first arrived, we were overwhelmed by the sheer size of this resort, and by how crowded it was.

Here is a map of the resort from CUN_MoonPalace_resort-map

As you can see, this is a huge resort. There were 3 distinct separate sections of the resort – Sunrise, Nizuc, and Moon Grand. When we were there, there was so much seaweed that it was impossible to use the beach. The water looked brown and the smell was unbearable if you were standing near the water.

The resort itself was beautiful. We started at the Sunrise side. This was the biggest section with the most people. There were lots of kids, and different activities. We enjoyed the big pool, the swing bar, and there is also the famous FlowRider in this section of the resort.


Then we walked over to the Nizuc side where we enjoyed their quieter pool. There were less kids in this section. During our walk here, we were able to see some wildlife!

We spent the rest of the day in the Moon Grand pool. It was a simple pool but it was quiet and the service at the swim-up bar was fast.

Here is a picture from the Thomas Cook website of the Moon Grand section.



It was a fun day away from Sun Palace for us, but we were glad to have decided to stay at Sun Palace instead for our wedding occasion. Moon Palace was just a bit too big and crowded for us. However, if we were to return to the area with kids, this is the resort we would choose to stay at.

Beach Palace

We had some family stay here while we were at Sun Palace, so we went to visit one day. It was just a short bus ride away from Sun Palace. This resort was closer to the “action” of the Cancun tourist strip (ex. Coco Bongo, La Isla Shopping Centre…). It is a hotel-style resort right in the middle of the Cancun beach strip. The beach was nice with big waves.



It had a very lively pool (there was a foam party going on when we were there) with a water slide. What we really liked about this resort was its rooftop. There is a pool, a bar, and a beautiful view.


We enjoyed their lunch buffet. It was busy but it was big and there was a lot of variety, including sushi, a nacho station, a big salad station, and pizza. Their dessert selection was also big. Our family really enjoyed their stay here. Their room was spacious with a jacuzzi and a nice balcony.


This would be a great resort for teenagers and anyone looking for a party atmosphere.

Isla Mujeres Palace

This was a small and very intimate adults-only resort on the island of Isla Mujeres. We took the bus to the ferry dock and took the ferry across. On the island, we rented a golf cart to tour. It’s a relatively small island and it didn’t take any more than 2 hours to see it all.

The resort was small (62 rooms) and incredibly peaceful. It was very luxurious. Apparently, if you stay here, a private yacht will come fetch you from the ferry dock – fancy!

The beach was very shallow and a bit rocky. We weren’t a huge fan. The pool was small but nice. We had lunch at the buffet. There wasn’t a huge variety of food there (due to how small the resort is) but everything was prepared fresh.


We would recommend this resort for couples and honeymooners.

Having the perk of visiting other Palace resorts was definitely a great advantage to staying at Sun Palace. With all four resorts offering distinct atmospheres, there is a Palace resort for every occasion in Cancun!


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