Coral Sands (Exuma, Bahamas)

All opinions on this page are our own. We are not affiliated with the rental property.

Travel Dates: December 20 – 27, 2015

Weather: Beautiful and sunny all week (approximately 25°C, 77°F)

Room: Studio Apartment (but we had the entire villa to ourselves most of the week)

Our rating: 10/10

We decided to go to the Bahamas for our (second) honeymoon, because well, it’s just better in the Bahamas. It was our first trip to the Caribbean without staying an an AI resort. We paid around $450 roundtrip for airfare, and you can check out the rates for the villa at the Coral Sands website.

The owners Peter and Betty (they’re a lovely couple – you won’t meet two nicer people!) arranged for us to be picked up at the airport by a taxi and we were driven to the property. Peter welcomed us and showed us around and made sure we felt comfortable in our new home for the next week. He had already bought us some basic necessities (milk, eggs, cereal, butter…) since the store was closed on Sundays. The property was gorgeous and right on Hooper’s Bay (the best beach that we saw on the island).

Front of the house
Back of the house
View from the studio apartment

Our studio apartment was small but enough. There was a TV (didn’t work most of the time  due to signal issues), a bed, a couch, a dining table, a small kitchen with everything you needed, and a clean bathroom. There was also a patio area and a nice deck to enjoy. On the deck, there were some inflatable floaty chairs and life jackets. At the beach, there were two kayaks and some beach chairs for us to use.

We were able to use Peter’s car on a daily basis for a small cost. As well, Peter was happy to sit down with us whenever we needed with a map and show us exactly where we should check out/eat on the island. This was an added benefit of staying here.


There was a grocery store about a 10 minute walk from the property. There was also a liquor store right beside. We did some research ahead of time so we knew that the food was more expensive on the island. We did bring a lot of things from home (canned tuna, wraps, granola bars…), and we also ate out a few times.

We checked out several beaches while we were on the island. Our favourite was still Hooper’s Bay (a 20 second walk from our door). All the beaches on the island had soft white sand and beautiful blue water, but some were a bit more windy than others.


Seriously, the pictures don’t even do the real thing justice. You will also notice there is nobody in any of these pictures. The most people we ever saw was maybe a group of 6 the whole week we were there.

Here is one of our favourite pictures we have ever taken on all our trips combined. It was taken right on Hooper’s Bay.


We loved our stay here at Coral Sands. We would definitely stay here again if we were to visit the island again. If you are looking to experience the Bahamas outside of an AI resort, this should be the place you book.

Just remember, it’s better in the Bahamas.


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